For Venues

Helping you make your destination dog friendly

Whether you are looking to create dog-based activities, events or make sure that your venue is ready to welcome four-legged friends the Paddaburn Team are here to help.

You may be looking to welcome canine guests to your venue for the first time or develop exciting new activities such as Parkour courses, Walking trails, Sniffari routes or running dog events, we will look to work with you to create an experience to remember avoiding the pitfalls and ensuring you offer a first-class experience with both dog and owner at the heart of your service. Dog welfare is our speciality so we will help you navigate welfare legislation and health and safety to help you ensure both pets and people enjoy your venue in a safe and welfare friendly way.

Staff training is also essential to make sure your staff are comfortable dealing with all aspects of your canine visitors and to help them understand their roles and responsibilities to make sure that everyone enjoys their visit.

We can help you design your project, and will, if required help with all aspects of project management and ensure you are ready to create a wag-tastic experience for your clients.