Paddaburn Training

At Paddaburn we believe that positive scent-based training can help you to develop great relationships with your dog and get real-life results. 

Our Paddaburn team offer a range of Scentwork, Mantrailing and games-based training options for you and your dog. Whether you are looking for enriching activities for your dog, solving a training issue or just simply wanting to have fun with your dog - we are here to help.

Scentwork and Mantrailing

Scentwork and Mantrailing give you the chance to harness the power of your dog's nose! See your dog's true genius as they work with you to solve challenges and puzzles. Both Scentwork and Mantrailing help you build your relationship to become an amazing team, providing mental and physical stimulation for you and your dog. The power of the nose can transform lives!

Do you have a concern over your dogs behaviour?

Unwanted behaviours such as barking and lungeing happen when our dogs become over-aroused.  This is often through fear, uncertainty, anticipation of a bad situation or lack of appropriate self-control. We will help you understand the theory behind your dog's behaviour and work with you to identify appropriate solutions for you.

The best learning is when the dog chooses to participate and we only use reward-based methods to encourage your dog. Our sessions involve using games to engage your dog, allowing them to develop confidence, self-control and optimism among other skills. 

It's a Dog's Life

Learning takes place throughout the dog's life, including out of training sessions and we will help you adapt your learning to your real-life situation. Each dog is an individual and we believe that training should reflect this.